Playground Design Guide

Playground Design Guide

Playground Design Guide

If you choose our company, Our can design all kinds of equipment, such as regular outdoor playground design equipment, outdoor non -standard customized amusement equipment, fitness equipment venue design, indoor soft bag playground design, large indoor playground design, kindergarten furniture design, etc. We will introduce to you how to complete these types of designs in detail. Generally, customers only need to provide the size drawings of the layout, as well as the equipment functions you want, as well as budgets for this playground, and the playground design concept, than our designer will make design according to the needs of customers.


What is Design Playground ?

Kids playground refers to a new generation of children's activity center which is based on science and formed through reasonable combination and integrates the functions of recreation, sports, fitness and so on.Playground Design Guide
Children playground is not limited by the site. It can be installed both inside and outside the house, or in an irregular site. It is also simple to manage. It has no power equipment and is easy to maintain. As a result, each customer's site size, required equipment, use function and theme style are different. At this time, we should first design and customize the amusement park according to the customer's budget, site size and theme style.


Steps to Design Playground Equipment

1. Tell us your venue information

If you need us to help you customize, then we first need to know your venue information. For example, the overall length, width and height of your venue. If it is an indoor venue, we also need to know your venue entrance, the position and size of the columns, etc. It's better to send us the CAD drawings, so that we can better understand your venue

Playground Design Guide

2. Tell us about the style you need and your budget

We have catalogues for indoor and outdoor playground equipment. You can check our catalogue to choose your favorite styles and styles, and tell us your approximate budget, so that our designs can better meet your requirements.


What makes a good playground design?

The theme positioning is precise and clear
Please first determine the appearance orientation of the children's park, that is, what theme and elements to use, and what color to use to package our park
Reasonable layout planning
Generally, dynamic lines will be marked on the effect drawing, and different functions will be planned by age, so that children can
Specific site design
Design the building height according to the site

1. Don't have too many amusement equipment and the layout is messy

In fact, proper site planning is good. Admittedly, more amusement devices can really attract customers to spend more time. If you just want to increase the number of devices without reserving space, you will only give customers a sense of disorder and congestion, which will affect the amusement experience. How to plan the site? The operator shall reasonably match according to the size of the site, and reserve channels for each equipment for tourists to watch, so as to attract tourists' interest and improve profits.

Playground Design Guide

2.  Avoid following the trend setting for amusement projects

Some operators will walk into such a misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, and choose whichever amusement project is popular nearby. In fact, sometimes because of the industrial agglomeration effect, if the amusement projects are too similar, it will lead to unnecessary competition and separate the customer groups. Therefore, in the face of a variety of children's amusement projects in the market, the operators understand the market situation and open an indoor children's park suitable for local amusement needs.


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What are the principles of playground design concept?

Our playground design ideas have threePlayground Design Guide
1. Provide a variety of different game items to stimulate the stimulation of various senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch), so that children's nature can be fully released. As well as exercise children's imagination, such as play boats, buggies, role-play cabins and more. It can also promote the relationship between family and children, and enhance children's social skills.
2. The landscape design of theme amusement parks should be combined with the protection of natural resources and respect the laws of nature. Focus on innovation in planning and design, and add personalized features. It is also necessary to integrate the regional characteristic culture so that the playground can coexist harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.
3.It is necessary to provide play items suitable for different age groups and allow children of different ages to coexist. Such as sand pool, large slide and so on.


How much does it cost to design playground?

Usually before designing a playground, we will ask the customer the number of children using the equipment, Playground Design Guidewhich is a very critical question that will determine the overall planning and budget of the playground. For some large educational institutions or schools, the number of users may be 60 to 120 or more, but for community parks or families, the number of users will be correspondingly smaller. Determining the number of users will help you figure out how much to budget for your playground.
Budget costs around $500 - $1000 per child. This makes the overall cost of the playground equipment approximately $25,000 - $50,000 depending on the number of users. In addition, we can also provide you with 3D design, so that you can visually see the appearance of the playground, which will be very helpful for your choice.


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Which Products We Offer Free Design


Outdoor playground design


The design of outdoor playground equipment can be divided into large venues and small venues. Both of them require the length, width, and height of the venue provided by customers, and the basic information of the venue, such ground material, whether there is slope, etc., especially the ground Materials, different materials such as grassland, cement, and sandy land are suitable for different devices, so this information is very important for Outdoor playground design, and customers need to choose their favorite playground design concept and the function, because each device the function is different. Small venues are relatively simple. According to the information provided by customers, we will recommend the items we already have, if customers want some new, we also can design.  If it's large -scale venues, customers need provide the above information, than designer will have a general direction to design.

Playground Design Guide

The designer completes the first draft. Later, there will be several angles of drawings for customers to better reference. We will modify Outdoor playground design multiple times according to the requirements of the customer until the customer is satisfied with the design, so that we can place an order to produce. In addition to amusement equipment, outdoor playgrounds can also add fitness equipment to the venue for adults, such as casual tables and chairs, etc.we also can add these fitness equipment and table and chairs in the draft.
The degree of reduction of outdoor venues in our production has reached more than 95%, and we all use the best materials to ensure the safety of children during use. Before the production is completed, our technicians will install the equipment to ensure that the customer can be installed smoothly after receiving the equipment. If the customer needs it, we can also provide installation services.If you are interested in outdoor amusement equipment, please contact us right away.


Indoor playground design


The production process of kids indoor playground is generally based on the process of single production, transportation and installation after R&D and design. Therefore, the price of the manufacturer of children indoor playground is also generated in this aspect. Generally, the more complex the kids indoor equipment is, the higher the price is. Similarly, the more complex the kids indoor equipment is, the more difficult it is in design, production, installation and other aspects. In addition, the cost of the manufacturer's employees is also the reason for the different price factors of kids indoor playground, In the market, the larger the manufacturer is, the higher the price will be. At the same time, their quality is relatively guaranteed.
What are the interesting projects in the Naughty Castle? Let me give you a brief introduction,
Drill barrel: generally made of wood and PVC plastic with high safety, mainly for children to have comprehensive physical exercise and limb movement

Playground Design Guide

Single wooden bridge: generally, wooden materials are mainly used to build body balance ability, improve body coordination, and exercise children's courage
Ocean ball: generally used for protection and decoration.
Trampoline: generally divided into inflatable trampoline and children's professional trampoline.
Slide: the slide is generally divided into spiral slide, stainless steel, pvc engineering plastic as raw material, straight slide: generally, wooden
PVC leather upholstered, stainless steel based, small doctor slide: mold slide. It is a popular project for indoor naughty fort to use slide with sea ball as the main style.
In addition, we also have other games, including children's climbing wall, climbing net, swinging bridge, rocking horse, swing
As well as some obstacles, there are also various themed decorations and expansion projects.


Custom Playground Design


1. What is design playground equipment?

The so-called design playground equipment generally refers Playground Design Guideto the amusement equipment made by the manufacturer according to the requirements of the guests. Because each customer's requirements, venue, budget, etc. are different, and individual subjective factors are relatively heavy, the products designed each time are different. This also makes the design playground equipment unique. Every time the design is different, customers don't have to worry about being the same as others. Each design playground equipment has its own way of playing.

2. Why do we need design playground equipment?

Playground Design GuideWe all know that the world is changing all the time, and different regions have different cultures, which also causes people to have different needs. If the products are all the same thing, it is impossible to satisfy everyone's requirements. Only the embodiment of differentiation can meet the needs of as many people as possible. So, this also provides the need for design playground equipment. Only products that truly meet your own ideas and requirements can bring you the best experience.

3. What can design playground equipment bring to children?

We all know that since the outbreak of the pandemic, Playground Design Guidepeople are spending significantly less time on sports than before. Exercise is closely related to physical health. Design playground equipment allows children to better control their own bodies while exercising, learn more, and learn more, such as methods of exertion, advantages of their own bodies, etc. Not only can it bring physical health to children, but it can also help them build self-confidence and bring them psychological health.

4. What are the advantages of our design playground equipment?

In terms of raw materialsPlayground Design Guide, we choose galvanized pipes, LLDPE, wood and other materials that meet international standards. We have always believed that only the best materials can bring the best experience to children. In terms of production, we have 10 departments with different responsibilities responsible for the production and production of different parts of the product, and there are many experienced masters to ensure the safety of the production process. In terms of after-sales, we have a professional after-sales team and provide a one-year warranty period, so that customers have no worries.


Outdoor Gym Design


With the development of China's economy and the Playground Design Guidecontinuous improvement of the people's living standard, people begin to care about their own sports health in addition to food, clothing, housing and transportation. In order to promote the concept of sports and health, more and more parks and residential areas have started to install outdoor public fitness equipment. In parks, squares, sports centers, playgrounds, etc., we can see all kinds of fitness equipment, and many communities are also indispensable. Everyone will imitate the old people to do some routine actions. Maybe we can't even say their names. This article will sort out some relatively common outdoor fitness equipment for everyone, hoping to provide some help.
Playground Design Guide1. Horizontal bar - it is the most common in outdoor fitness communities. Now the shape of horizontal bar has also changed in many places, with smaller volume, saving a lot of space. The most common action of the horizontal bar is to pull up, which is the most test of fitness strength. Adhering to the horizontal bar action can effectively exercise your waist, abdomen, shoulder, back, arms and other muscle groups. Regular use of the horizontal bar can improve the lumbar problem. Therefore, the horizontal bar has become one of the favorite fitness equipment.
2. Parallel Bars - In addition to the standard parallel bars available in schools or large outdoor fitness venues, communities or communities are more equipped with parallel bars in consideration of safety and venues. The movements of parallel bars are the same as those of horizontal bars. In addition to bending and stretching, which are the most popular exercises in daily exercise, there are also many popular movements, such as parallel bar support swing, parallel bar forward roll split leg somersault and parallel bar Russian tilt.
Playground Design Guide
3. Waist twisting machine is the standard configuration for fitness in the community. The most common is the three position ring waist twisting machine. It seems to be an instrument for the elderly to dredge muscles. In fact, it is suitable for all ages. It mainly exercises the waist and hips to enhance the strength and flexibility of the waist muscles. The method of use is very simple. Hold the handrail with both hands, foot on the floor, keep the upper body balanced, and turn the body to the left and right.
The waist twisting device can also be divided into sitting waist twisting device and standing waist twisting device.
4. Wandering machine - The most common types of walking machines in the community are the two position column type walking machine and the three position column type walking machine. In most cases, the elderly and children use them more. In fact, after really understanding its functions, we found that it can also hang the tablet, lift the hips and suck the abdomen, and perform core training such as mountain climbing. Usage: Hold the armrest and pedal, and move your feet back and forth alternately.

Playground Design Guide5. Walking machine - The walking machine is different from the walking machine. The walking machine has two handrails similar to the elliptical machine, with unit and double position. It mainly moves the joints of the lower limbs and spine, which is more targeted for lower limb fat reduction and can also exercise the coordination of the limbs. Of course, the speed of this kind of equipment is not easy to control, and it is difficult to achieve the same effect as a treadmill, so most elderly people use it.
6. Ribs - generally divided into single shoulder ribs and double shoulder ribs, it is a comprehensive fitness equipment, which can be used for double arm climbing, leg lifting with pendulous feet, chest touching with pendulous feet, running with pendulous wheels, leg pressing, etc. It can enhance the strength of waist and abdomen, the ability to hang upper limbs, and also can exercise the strength of legs, flexibility and flexibility of upper limbs. It is generally suitable for young people.
7. The ladder is also called the parallel ladder, which uses the strength of body swing and arm to pass through the obstacle. The ladder is a relatively low difficulty exercise equipment. The use scheme: bend the arm and hang it, hold the horizontal bar with both hands, and make the elbow hang vertically upward; Instead of walking with hands, hold the bar with both hands alternately to move forward, and exercise the strength of arms, shoulders, waist and abdomen.
Playground Design Guide
8. Tai Chi leg kneader, also known as Tai Chi wheel and big wheel, is one of the common fitness equipment in the community. Its structure is that four steel wheels are lifted towards the sky. The wheels are fixed with shelves and can rotate 360 degrees. The most common is the double position big wheel, which can be used by two people at the same time. Use your hands to stick to the middle circular axis of the Tai Chi wheel and rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, which can enhance the strength and elasticity of the shoulder girdle muscles, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the shoulder joint. It is suitable for people with stiff shoulder joints and is popular with the elderly.
9. Massager - In some fitness areas, you can see the corresponding massager, such as vertical waist back massager, massage massager, leg massager, etc. It is mainly used to relieve fatigue in the waist, legs and back. When using, the rhythm should be controlled reasonably, not too fast or too slow.

Playground Design Guide10. Upper limb retractor - two handles and chains or connecting shafts on both sides of the community are connected to instruments that can be pulled left and right, called upper limb retractor or two position traction balancer. Before using the equipment, proper warm-up exercise should be carried out. The equipment is mainly to use its own strength to counter and improve the activity ability of the shoulder. For bodybuilders, it mainly exercises the strength of shoulders, wrists, arms and other parts, which is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.
There are more than 11 kinds of outdoor fitness equipment, such as pedals, leg presses, seesaws, swings and so on. In general, outdoor fitness equipment is based on the derivatives of gym equipment. For fitness people who have no time to go to the gym or work at home, as well as middle-aged and elderly people in the community, outdoor fitness equipment is a good configuration for exercising muscles and bones.


Soft Play Design


Most users of soft toys are preschool children or toddlers. Playground Design GuideWhen designing, we pay attention to the following aspects.
1.Ensure the safety of children during use. Our soft toys are made of PU leather, sponge, pearl cotton or wood (as a frame). We need to ensure the safety of children during use,These materials have good flexibility, are non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause harm to children's bodies. We also have EVA floor mats to choose from, which can reduce injuries when children accidentally fall.Our sponge will recover after being squeezed, has good elasticity.Our wood planks are also thicker, can bear higher weight, and have higher compression resistance.

Playground Design Guide2.And we also take into account the fun and physical and mental development of children when using it. For preschool children, we can fully combine drilling, climbing, and slides together to exercise their coordination of hands and feet and the ability to maintain balance.
3.At the same time, children like bright and rich colors, we also have more than 100 kinds of colors for reference. And we can also customize unique color matching according to customer preferences. For the beauty of the exterior, in addition to the color, the seams of our outer skin are not easy to see, and the lines on the sides will not be exposed.
When designing, we also think about whether this can be ergonomic, fit the height of the children, and whether it can bring them fun.


Kindergarten Furniture design


When choosing nursery furniture, buyers should consider products that are "suitable" for children's height and age. When children sit at a table to play or study, children need to be able to touch the floor with their feet so that they can feel stable and safe while learning and creating. For example, when children learn a lot of new skills, their feet do not touch the ground, but when they hang, they will feel uneasy, and it is difficult to enter the state of learning, which will greatly affect the normal learning of children.

Playground Design Guide

When placing tables and chairs in the classroom, we need to consider the space between the children and the teacher to ensure that the children have enough space to use.
When teachers need to conduct one-to-one or one-to-many teaching for children, they usually use trapezoidal tables and moon-shaped tables. Through different types of tables, it is very easy to sit opposite or next to children, so that we can be more Good to provide education for children and pay attention to children's situation, even teachers need to pass things to children, even teachers need to touch children's arms to encourage children to continue learning and creation, and sitting close can make teachers and children We do it. Teachers can also try to study and work with children on a round table, which will allow children to learn and communicate with each other better.

Playground Design Guide

Choosing the right kindergarten furniture will allow teachers to work efficiently and allow children to feel independent and safe in their own place. You may find that you don't even have to be there directly to observe the kids, it's going to happen day in and day out and you'll see it in what's happening every day and the kids will figure out what to do for themselves, or How to do it, children will learn their own expectations.


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