Our Project

Project 9 Customized Outdoor Playground

Middle East

Doha, Qatar
Apr 2022

"This is a project for the World Cup in Qatar. He is our old customer. We have cooperated with several indoor and outdoor playground projects. Every time he bids for a new project, he will provide me with the size of the layout, and then our designer will make it according to Design and modification at his request, we won't start production as per drawing until he is 100% satisfied with design drawing. He is very satisfied with our products, because our products can restore 95% of the design drawings. "

Project 44 Kids Water Play

Kota Kinabalu,Coastal View

Jun 2023

"The vibrant city of Kota Kinabalu on Coastal View Street sought to enhance its public park with innovative water play equipment. The local council partnered with our company, drawn to our environmentally friendly and engaging designs. After a collaborative planning process, we installed a series of interactive water features that included water jets and splash pads, tailored to entertain and cool off visitors during the hot tropical days. The project was completed in record time, just before the holiday season, becoming an instant hit among families."

Project 44 Kids Water Play

Nara, Sakura Lane

May 2024

"In the historic town of Nara on Sakura Lane, the local elementary school sought to upgrade its playground with engaging water play equipment. They reached out to our company, intrigued by our innovative designs that prioritize safety and fun. After detailed discussions, we installed a variety of equipment, including splash pads and interactive water features. The installation was completed just in time for the new school year, delighting students and providing a much-needed refreshment during recess."

Project 43 Kids Water Play

Seongnam, Harmony Road

South Korea
Feb 2024

"The vibrant community of Seongnam, located on Harmony Road, wanted to enhance their local park with engaging water play equipment. After contacting our company, they were drawn to our eco-friendly and child-safe products. Together, we designed a custom water play area that includes interactive spray parks and dynamic water jets. The project was completed right before the summer, providing a perfect cool-down spot for the community’s children and families."

Project 42 Kids Water Play

Maple Ridge, Riverside Lane

Jan 2024

"In Maple Ridge, located on Riverside Lane, the local park committee decided to upgrade their community park with new water play equipment. After exploring several options, they contacted our company, impressed by our innovative and sustainable designs. We collaborated closely to select and customize features that would engage and excite local children. The installation was completed just before the warm season started, transforming the park into a popular destination for families seeking fun and relief from the summer heat."

Project 41 Customized Outdoor Playground

Santa Monica Street, Los Angeles

May 2023

"On a sunny morning, our design team received a letter from Mr. Jeff in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Jeff is a parent who loves outdoor activities. He wanted to customize a non-standard outdoor playground for his garden so that his children could play at home. After several communications and designs, we created a unique outdoor playground for Mr. Jeff, including elements such as a climbing wall, swings, and slides. Mr. Jeff and his family are very satisfied with this customized outdoor playground, and the children have spent many happy hours here."

Project 40 Customized Outdoor Playground

Maple Grove Drive, Toronto

Ontario, Canada
Aug 2023

"Dr. Emma Thompson, a pediatrician in Toronto, initiated the creation of "Maple Playland" at 85 Maple Grove Drive. Designed with sensory-friendly equipment and inclusive play areas, the playground serves children of all abilities, fostering an environment of acceptance and joy for the entire community."

Project 39 Customized Outdoor Playground

Coral Road, Perth

Western Australia
May 2022

"In Perth, local entrepreneur Michael Brooks transformed an unused lot on Coral Road into "Adventure Cove," a dynamic playground featuring climbing structures and water elements designed to mimic the nearby Coral Coast. This initiative not only revitalized the area but also created a hub for community engagement and child development."

Project 38 Customized Outdoor Playground

Lindenstrasse, Munich

Bavaria, Germany
Oct 2022

"In Munich, Julia Schneider, a community organizer, partnered with local artists to create a whimsical playground at 12 Lindenstrasse. Incorporating vibrant sculptures and interactive elements, the playground not only beautified the area but also became a magical gathering place for families to connect and create memories."

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