Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Equipment

indoor playground equipment is a concept that has emerged in recent years. This comprehensive children's paradise gives children and parents a new understanding of children's entertainment facilities. The Children's Naughty Castle has many items and functions, such as slides, crawling, drilling, trampolines, ball pools, guns and other children's entertainment equipment, which can help children build up their bodies. It is characterized by stability, randomness, interactivity, and lack of power. It is a new kind of children's paradise. The price of Children's Naughty Castle is determined by the size and height of the venue and the included amusement equipment. Generally speaking, the bigger the venue is, the more types of entertainment items the Naughty Castle will be more easily loved by children.


Our journey with Indoor Playground Equipment

There are several types of indoor playground equipment.

(1) Education and entertainment

Indoor Playground Equipment
The concept of teaching in play is a new concept of children's entertainment. Children's Naughty Castle with this theme is mainly designed to enable children to learn and grow happily. This project often designs special games to help children gain knowledge and happiness.

(2) Role playing

Generally speaking, role-playing children's parks aim at different age stages and have different characteristics. For this kind of children's naughty castle paradise, each project should develop corresponding games according to the characteristics of children of different ages, and integrate modern education concepts into it.
Such as our common salesmen, postal specialists, etc. 

(3) Popular science entertainment

Indoor Playground EquipmentThe popular science entertainment children's naughty castle park is mainly for children aged 6-10 years after school. Therefore, the amusement equipment of this park is mainly popular science equipment. Through interaction and participation, scientific principles are integrated into the game to enhance children's interest in science.

(4) Early education type

Early childhood education children's naughty fort is a new type of education in the children's market, which does not belong to the education type stipulated by the Education Bureau. It is a new business education model.


How do we ensure the quality of our Indoor playground equipment?

Indoor Playground EquipmentWhen choosing the manufacturer of indoor playground equipment, we must understand the raw materials for equipment manufacturing, which must reflect its beauty, durability and environmental protection. This is very important. All our materials have been tested by EN1176 and conform to EU standards. They are environmentally safe, durable and beautiful.
We always put children's safety and quality first. In addition, we provide free replacement parts for all equipment within one year, mainly damaged ones.
Moreover, our factory has been inspected by BSCI and TUV, and the quality is guaranteed.


How to Personalize Your Indoor Playground Equipment

1. Make the theme clear and the content rich

Naughty castles with distinctive theme and color style will be more popular than ordinary ones, such as jungle themed Naughty castles, which add dinosaur, lion, tiger and other large animal elements; Businesses can relatively add some alternative equipment: adventure dashing, software climbing, cartoon space sand table, etc. to enrich the fun of naughty fort.

2. Enhance interaction and amusement motivation

Indoor Playground Equipment
The appropriate increase of climbing, trampoline, boxing sandbags, adventure clearance facilities, etc. can not only enrich the projects of the Naughty Castle, but also stimulate children's greater interest in play, stimulate their cognitive ability and increase their exploration spirit. Enhance children's motivation to enter the Naughty Castle through events similar to competitive competitions, so that children can see the Naughty Castle and have the impulse to play when they see the children in the Naughty Castle playing.

3. Quality and appearance of naughty fort equipment

The product color is also an important factor to attract children. The colorful naughty fort will leave a good first impression on children, while the bright, delicate and clean products will be recognized by parents; Parents are more concerned about the safety of their children, so the quality of the products, the touch feeling of their hands and the appearance should also be checked.


Our Indoor Playground Equipment installation options

Indoor Playground EquipmentIn the installation process of Indoor Playground Equipment, we must not only ensure the normal operation of each part, but also attach great importance to the overall safety and firmness. Generally, our Indoor Playground Equipment will give the supplier a very detailed introduction to the drawings. Because this product is highly customizable, we recommend using professional staff to install the equipment, which can save time and ensure that the product is not damaged during the installation process. damage. Indoor Playground Equipment is more complex than outdoor equipment because there are so many styles. After the installation is completed, the equipment needs to be inspected. Professionals will conduct overall acceptance and debugging of product functions, carefully check every possible safety hazard, and find professionals in time for adjustments that are not ergonomic.


How much budget do you need for a Indoor Playground Equipment?

Both the size of the venue and the budget are integral to Indoor Indoor Playground EquipmentPlayground Equipment. It can be said that if the venue is large, the budget also needs a lot. Because the products of indoor amusement equipment will be more delicate and complex. The same site, different budget, the final result is completely different. For example, the pattern of a bear can make the bear three-dimensional and more lifelike with sufficient budget. If the budget is very small, then this little bear may just be printed on the wall. It's the difference between these places. If the budget is large, the material that may be used is fireproof. Because it is for children, the materials are non-toxic and harmless, please rest assured. Just saying that if the budget is sufficient, the whole space will be fuller, and the service life will be different.

What makes Indoor Playground Equipment range the ideal choice?

Indoor Playground EquipmentAs one of the most popular children's play equipment, Indoor Playground Equipment is an ideal choice for many reasons, the first of which is the diversity of functional areas, which improves the fun and enables children to have more fun in the process of playing. Good play experience. For example, many slides that kids love, we have a variety of combinations. For example, the slide is combined with the soft play area, so that the children fall into the ball pool with the ocean ball when they slide down, which not only maintains the safety, but also combines the two functional areas to improve the playability.


Is our Indoor Playground Equipment suitable for those with additional needs?

Our Indoor Playground Equipment is a customized product. If customers have additional needs, please tell us, and we will give us ideas and suggestions when designing. For example, there was once a guest from Saudi Arabia, and his initial request was to set up a relatively large ninja road area in the second half of the venue. However, because his venue is divided into two floors, the first floor and the second floor, some equipment of Ninja Road cannot be installed. We carefully studied the structure of the venue, vacated a part of the second floor, and set up a round slide to connect to the ball pool on the first floor, which not only realized the connection between the first and second floors, but also added different fun to the ninja road. Very happy with our changes. So, if you have special requirements, you can tell us, we will try our best to help you achieve it.Indoor Playground Equipment


What are the main benefits of Indoor Playground Equipment?

Our Indoor Playground Equipment has many advantages. In terms of raw materials,Indoor Playground Equipment for different functional areas, our materials also have different standards. First of all, for soft play products, the thickness of our wood should be no less than 0.9cm, and we use pearl cotton with a thickness of about 1cm-1.2cm. The PVC material used on the surface must be environmentally friendly and flame retardant. As for the material of the overall frame of Indoor Playground Equipment, we use galvanized pipes, generally 114mm in diameter, the surface is treated with anti-rust, and wrapped with EPE to ensure the product life as long as possible.


How to get guidance on the correct Indoor Playground Equipment for your location

For Indoor Playground Equipment, we have perfect pre-sale and after-sale service. In terms of pre-sale, you can tell your thoughts and requirements, whether it is for the product itself, or in terms of price, transportation, etc., we will try our best to choose the most suitable solution according to your requirements and send it to you. Confirmation, along with our own suggestions and ideas. In terms of after-sales, we will send installation drawings, installation videos, etc. to help you with installation. At the same time, if you need it, we can also let our installation team come to serve you, but this service is charged. Of course, we also have some cooperative installation teams abroad. If your venue happens to be near them, we will recommend them to you.
Indoor Playground Equipment


How to get in touch to discuss your Indoor Playground Equipment requirements

① Site size (length, width and height, CAD)
Then we can view your site and design more intuitively according to your site CAD
Indoor Playground Equipment
② Whether there are columns, fire passages, entrances and exits in the site: designers can get these information to design drawings for you more accurately and let you view the whole design drawings more intuitively
③ Design style/theme/color: because the interior design is diversified, there are many styles, such as deep forest style, ocean style, British style, Makron style, modern style, trampoline theme style, maze theme style, etc
④ With enough budget (the choice of game projects), designers can enrich your entire site design and content, add a variety of different styles of play, and improve the fun
⑤ Different materials (ordinary export lifelike materials/fireproof materials → PPT) also indirectly affect the price
⑥ LoGo: If logo design is required, we can also directly arrange the
⑦ Consumer age


About Indoor Playground Equipment FAQ

1. Q:How to select the location of the naughty castle indoor playground? Where is the site better? The naughty castle indoor playground there is not good?
A: The indoor playground of Naughty Castle is very important, and a good location is the prerequisite for success. First of all, in terms of cities, it is generally easier to open stores in non first tier cities than in first tier cities. The competition in big cities is great. Many places have such projects. In addition, the rent is high and the traffic is scattered, so the costs are much higher. Even if the business is good, there is not much profit in total. However, the second tier cities are relatively cheap, and children's consumption is almost the same everywhere. In addition, small cities have little competition, which is better than large cities on the whole. Then, we all know that shopping malls and supermarkets are good, but shopping malls or supermarkets are limited after all. If there is no such space, it is good for us to open our business in community stores or near the entrance of shopping malls and supermarkets. In addition, like a separate store, the business model of selling children's clothes and Taoqi Castle indoor playground Taoqi Castle indoor playground is also very popular.

2. Q:How do I select a device? Which manufacturer has the best equipment?
A: First of all, we should consider security, and then interesting and colorful. A good manufacturer of amusement equipment should not only have formal qualifications, but also pay attention to many details. The company should also have a certain scale, years of experience and workers and technicians.

Indoor Playground Equipment

3. Q:What license do you need to apply for to be a naughty castle indoor playground equipment?
A: It is more beneficial for us to fill in the business scope of the business license, as well as the following inspections.

5. Q:What does fire inspection mean?
A: What preparations should be made before opening? Communicate with the fire department in time to prevent insufficient preparation from affecting business

6. Q:Do I need to go to the Fire Department for fire acceptance?
A: If it is a mall, it is the mall that has been to the fire department. If it is on the facade, it depends on the actual situation.

7. Q:What business segments are generally involved in making children's naughty castle indoor playground?
A: How to budget the balance of income and expenditure according to the population and the flow of people to achieve the expected goal. Publicity and activity planning, etc.

8. Q:What kind of member management software do you usually use for naughty fort indoor playground? Can you recommend it?
A: Each children's naughty castle indoor playground is different in size. Some smaller ones do not use software, while chain stores can use some popular online financial software, which can be contacted with us.

9.Q: I want to do outdoor, OK?
A: Yes. If conditions are limited, as long as the location is good and the traffic is large, such as parks, residential areas or activity centers in an area, it can be done. Compared with shopping malls and supermarkets, it is not bad and easy to manage. In outdoor operation, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection of the indoor playground of the Naughty Castle, such as building protective sheds and corresponding configurations.

Indoor Playground Equipment
10. Q:How much is the appropriate charge for the naughty castle indoor playground?
A: The fees vary according to different regions. I feel that the local conditions of the country and the place of establishment are also very important

12. Q:What activities do you do, such as opening, holidays, and when business is cold?
A: You can try it for free when opening. On holidays, you can launch card activities such as monthly card, annual card and free card. When business is cold, if it is due to geographical location, it is necessary to do publicity outside, such as the network and leaflets. If it is only off-season, we can do more activities to attract children or introduce more interesting toys.

13. Q:How to talk about the venue with the supermarket? What are the precautions? What details should we pay attention to when negotiating?
A: Go directly to the person in charge of investment promotion. Before going, ask the person who has worked before how much the rent is. If you are ready, you can talk to someone. Then provide certificates, samples and so on. Shopping malls are nothing but profits. If it doesn't matter, the interests are mutual

14.Q: What are the precautions?Indoor Playground Equipment
A: It is strictly forbidden to urinate or spit anywhere in the venue. We have prepared cartoon children's bedpans for children. If children need to or vomit, as well as emergencies, please contact the staff in time for proper treatment.

16. Q:How many months does the Children's Naughty Castle Indoor Amusement Park open? Is there any peak season or off season for the Children's Naughty Castle Indoor Amusement Park?
A: From the indoor playground equipment of the Naughty Castle around us, the peak season is May Day and June Day, followed by two months of summer vacation, November Day and winter vacation. These periods are the busiest in the indoor playground of the Naughty Castle, usually on weekends. In this way, the May Day opening is a good choice. When business is cold, we will do preschool from Monday to Friday, and entertainment on Saturday and Sunday.

17. Q:How to deal with the off-season in the operation process of Taoqi Castle Indoor Amusement Park! What other months are the off-season?
A: Generally speaking, there is no off-season in the indoor playground of the Naughty Castle. Except for the time when the children go to school, there is basically no difference.

18. Q:How should we pay attention to and manage the safety of children in the indoor playground of Naughty Castle?
A: Do a good job in fire protection. All parts in the indoor playground of the Naughty Castle should be regularly tested. No sharp objects or hard objects are required for new products.

19. Q:How to deal with the cumbersome sanitation in the naughty castle indoor playground?
A: Clean every day and keep it clean.
Indoor Playground Equipment

20. Q:If the funds are insufficient, should we reduce the investment area or cooperate with others?
A: Good cooperation is based on the premise that we share the same goals. Personally, I think cooperation is conducive to becoming bigger and stronger. However, the cooperation requires high personal quality. There are many examples of unsuccessful cooperation.

21. Q:What is the appropriate area for a naughty fort indoor playground, such as the area of small, medium and large stores, the amount of capital to be invested, and the rate of return?
A: It's really hard to answer your question. At present, the rate of return is basically unknown.
The fund of any kind of naughty castle indoor playground equipment, no matter big or small, is not fixed. It depends on the level of equipment and its own positioning.

22. Q:How long is the equipment update cycle?
A: Generally speaking, the built-in items are different depending on different situations. The service life is also different. For example, Haiyangqiu needs to be repaired if it is broken. The bracket cover can be replaced once every 1-3 years. Other accessories are different. Please consult us for more information.

Indoor Playground Equipment
23. Q:Can you sort out a product price quotation?
A: The price of Taoqi Castle indoor playground products should be calculated specifically. It is unreasonable to calculate the price by square in the past. The price of products depends on your configuration. Contact us for details

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