Childrens Furniture Safety

Childrens Furniture Safety

Childrens Furniture Safety

Children Furniture Safety has always been an issue of great importance around the world. And we, as manufacturers, are obliged and necessary to popularize this issue. We will explain from the following perspectives. First of all, why is bedroom furniture safety important? We will explain with some actual cases, this is to make you leave a deeper impression and keep yourself alert. At the same time, we will also popularize some kindergarten Furniture safety knowledge and explain safety guidelines in detail, and at the same time show the strength of our company, in terms of certificates, transportation, after-sales, etc., to let you know that our company is a company that really considers children.


Why Is childrens Childrens Furniture Safety Important?

Childrens Furniture has many types, including tables and chairs, beds, cabinets and more. Different types of kindergarten furniture have different potential hazards, and parents should ask for details before buying to avoid tragedy. For example, almost every household has a wardrobe, and children like to hide in the wardrobe to play. There was once a very sad case where many children played hide-and-seek, hid in a cabinet, and accidentally locked it and suffocated to death. According to international standards, wardrobes should be equipped with ventilation openings and should not be equipped with automatic locking devices. Substandard products will greatly increase the probability of dangerous occurrence.Childrens Furniture Safety


Adult supervision is key to keeping children safe in kindergarten Furniture

1. Use safety

The glass part of children's furniture is one of the main problems that cause children's injuries, and its sharp corners are easy to cut children. To this end, Childrens Furniture Safetyfrom the safety point of view, if there are dangerous protrusions, then apply appropriate methods to

2. The confined space shall be ventilated as much as possible

Children love to play hide and seek. The cabinet at home is probably the best hiding place, but it is easy to feel uncomfortable after hiding in it for a long time, which will cause suffocation in serious cases. Therefore, when purchasing cabinet type closed products, attention should be paid to

3. The height of tables and chairs should be adjusted properly

According to the height and age of the child, choose the tables and chairs made according to the principles of ergonomics, which will make it easier for the child to maintain the best posture and distance in the correct sitting posture. The size of furniture is highly matched with the human body, which plays an important role in children's growth, spine and vision


Teaching Kids About childrens bedroom furniture Safety


1.Warning sign

The applicable age of the product shall be clearly marked in the instructions, namely "3-6 years old", "3 years old and above" or "7 years old and above". 2. If the product needs to be installed, the warning "Caution! Only adults are allowed to install, children are not allowed to approach" should be marked in the instructions for use. 3. If the product has a folding or adjusting device, a warning sign of "Warning! Caution! Crushing" shall be marked at the appropriate position of the product. 4. If it is a swivel chair with lifting pneumatic lever, the warning "Danger! Do not play with frequent lifting" shall be marked at the appropriate position of the product.

Childrens Furniture Safety

2.Structural safety

①Edge and tip

The product shall be free from dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp points, and the edges and edges shall be rounded or chamfered.

②Protruding products shall not have dangerous protrusions. 

If there are dangerous protrusions, they should be protected by appropriate means. 3. On rigid materials of holes and gaps, the diameter or gap of holes and gaps with a depth of more than 10mm shall be less than 6mm or greater than or equal to 12mm.The clearance between movable parts that can be contacted by the product shall be less than 5mm or greater than or equal to 12mm.

③Folding mechanism

If the product has a folding mechanism or support, there should be a safety brake or locking device to prevent accidental movement or folding.Childrens Furniture Safety

④ Glass parts

Shall not be used in the product except in areas with a height of more than 1600mm above the ground or the elevation of the children's station.The exposed nozzle end of tubular parts shall be closed.


Keyboard holders and other push and pull pieces in the product shall be equipped with anti pull off devices to prevent children from accidentally pulling off and causing injuries.

⑥Except for swivel chair

Products with casters shall have at least 2 casters that can be locked or at least 2 non casters supporting feet.

Safe Equipment Guidelines——Splicing and assembly Safety

There are many kinds of children's furniture. Take the child bed as an example

1.Child bed installation details

①Do not place the children's bed near the windowsill, heater or wall lamp, and do not install a curtain on the bed that is dark and airtight. In order to prevent children from falling from the bed and the wall, it is better to clip them inside. The bed head should be against the wall. If the bed is placed along the wall, there should be no gap between the bed edge and the wall.
②Pay attention to whether the connection hole spacing between the bed plates is tight. The accurate hole location makes the bed assembly easier, the use and operation more convenient, and can better reflect whether a bed is fine.
Good baby crib installation and installation precautions

2.Installation and assembly steps of good baby crib

①The first thing is to check whether there are few components of the crib and whether there are missing parts. If there are few components, it is better to ask the manufacturer or the merchant to supply them in time.
②Then fix the connecting parts of each panel according to the screw installation method shown in the manual.
③The next step is to install the baby's mosquito net. Just be sure to check whether the baby bed accessories are in good condition. If they are damaged, they can be replaced in time (if the baby's mosquito net is damaged, the baby is more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes)


Safe Equipment Guidelines——Smooth surface treatment Safety

If the surface of the Children Furniture Safety is not smooth, it may cause children to be injured during use, so the surface of the product is very important to deal with safety problems. So what can we do to avoid this problem? As a professional preschool furniture manufacturers We must first use advanced production equipment, and then professional operators, and quality inspection teams. After the product is completed, a carefully checks for kindergarten Furniture. If you find that there are still not smooth on the surface, we will use hand polish to make sure the surface is no safety problem.

Childrens Furniture Safety


Safe Equipment Guidelines——Climbing Equipment Safety

To climb safely, the child must first learn to hold the horizontal bars of the climbing frame with both hands and wait for the child to move forward in sequence. When a child moves, their legs may swing back. When children jump off the climbing frame, be careful not to touch any horizontal bars under their feet. Remind the child to bend his knees and land on his feet when he jumps.
 When children get down from the climbing frame, pay attention to avoid the children who are climbing up, do not compare with each other, or try to reach out to the horizontal bar far in front of them.
 Children have weak upper limbs and should only climb those short frames. Children aged 5 to 7 are only suitable for climbing up to 1.6 meters. Children over the age of 7 can only climb the jungle gym below 2.3 meters.

Childrens Furniture Safety


Safe Equipment Guidelines——Choose the right product according to your child's age

There are many different sizes of children's furniture kindergarten Furniture, Children of every age need to choose furniture suitable for their age and height, which will make them more comfortable to use.Different age groups should have different standards: Children of different age groups, their physiological and psychological characteristics are different, even if the same age group of children, also has its own characteristics, need to know their interests, hobbies, intelligence level, must not according to their own likes and dislikes and interested to buy toys, as far as possible, take children to go to choose, let the child to participate in, it is also a good exercise opportunity for children.Childrens Furniture Safety


Safe Equipment Guidelines——Regular inspections

For the safety of children, although the school table and chairs are not easy damaged products, we also need to carry out regular safety inspection to avoid the damage or aging of products that cause safety problems when children use them. We should regularly check the surface and structure of the furniture, and test the stability and bearing capacity of the kindergarten Furniture. Because some products will have certain quality problems with the increase of the service life, regular safety inspection can avoid the safety problems caused by the use of poor quality products. For children's safety, we should all pay more attention on it.

Childrens Furniture Safety


Efforts made in the safety of our childrens world preschool furniture manufacturers

We as Kindergarten Furniture Manufacturer, childrenChildrens Furniture Safety symbolize the future and hope of the motherland, we love children. The export of kindergarten Furniture to the EU requires CE certification. CE certification covers a wide range of products. Different products involve different CE directives and EN standards. To know that if you want to export the amusement equipment to the EU, you need to go through the EN1176 standard. As a mature preschool furniture manufacturer, we have rich experience in exporting, and these certificates are perfect. The improvement of the certificate will make everyone feel more at ease, and it can prove our strength more. Moreover, we will conduct regular quality inspections and control the raw materials very strictly. On the premise of ensuring safety, the quality and usability of the products are also very good. For example, kindergarten beds and school tables and chairs are our best-selling products.


How does the factory ensure the safety function of the Kindergarten Furniture Manufacturer

Childrens Furniture SafetyAs preschool furniture manufacturers, we must first strengthen the internal supervision mechanism of the enterprise, and then improve the scientific and technological capabilities of the enterprise to increase the ability of scientific and technological production, and we accept the supervision of the society, we only make products that are beneficial to people, and ensure the Children Furniture Safety we produce. This is the most basic condition, we are to innovate and change lives. We will have regular machine inspections and employee safety meetings to publicize and implement. All personnel in our entire factory work hard on safety, take strong technical measures, formulate and implement safety technical operating procedures, so as to ensure production safety.


How to maintain kindergarten Furniture safety performance in export

We will choose the most suitable way for the packaging of different products, such as school table and chairs, we will put the table together in a carton, and the table legs together in a carton, so that the goods will not be damaged, and more can be packed. Some products like bedroom furniture are irregular and cannot be put into cartons. We will use cotton on the inner layer, plastic film on the outer layer, or a wooden frame to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation to the greatest extent. In addition to choosing the appropriate packaging method according to the product, the transportation precautions and the precautions for shipment should also be clearly marked on the outside of the packaging.Childrens Furniture Safety


Maintain the after-sales service that bedroom furniture safety and security can provide

Kindergarten beds generally use plastic that is harmless to the human body to ensure the safety of children. Whether it is a wooden product or a plastic product, all aspects of the product will be inspected, and only qualified products will leave the factory. We are very confident in our products, we have a one-year quality guarantee. We provide professional after-sales service, so that you can worry-free after sales. kindergarten Furniture decoration design should attach great importance to major decoration safety issues such as kindergarten house structure safety, fire protection electrical safety and environmental safety, so as to avoid potential safety hazards for children.

Childrens Furniture Safety

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